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  • Are you spending $ 20,000/yr (or more) on duplicate data-entry? (we see this often)
  • Are all your departments (Shipping/Receiving, Payroll, Time cards, Billing, Inventory and Manufacturing) communicating seamlessly with QuickBooks? Integrating with QuickBooks add-ons could save you thousands.
  • Is your desk cluttered with contracts in Microsoft Word, estimates in Excel, or MS Access data that are stopping you from moving forward in QuickBooks? Let us show you how the data can be transferred - with just a click of one button!
  • Is your Accountant waiting on you to update your QuickBooks with information from your checking account, point-of-sale or work-in-progress? We can bridge this gap - without manpower.
  • Experience a 30% (average) increase of billable time just by automating your field staff.

Learn how multi-million dollar companies use QuickBooks:

We have invested over 4,000 hours in QuickBooks integration research and development of boxed and custom accounting needs. Our experts assist QuickBooks users with evaluating their integration choices, making a selection, and implementing the solution. Rely on QuickBooks integration experience with over 130 applications and the feedback of more than 200 Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Why start from ground zero?

We've helped: QuickBooks users, QuickBooks ProAdvisors and QuickBooks Developers. So if you are are faced with a QuickBooks dilemma, you've come to the right place. If we don't know the answer, we guarantee to find it !

Call 561-683-3497 or email info@accountingdirectors.com for a customized QuickBooks integration quote for your business.


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